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Renaming the Farm.

After 7 years of owning the Meyer Produce farm, and explaining to so many folks, “nope we aren’t Meyer’s” or “MeiJer’s”(which is a local grocery chain) and after a few healthy nudges from our friends, Ben and I are putting our ducks in a row to re-name the farm business. (Well, it's more like a scrambled gathering of ducks, the whole have-your-ducks-in-a-row thing doesn’t work well for us, haha.) We realized it was high time for us to claim-it-name-it-proclaim-it as our own.

Pursuing and launching our name change has been no small matter. It's one of the biggest and most intimidating projects that I've ever done. If you Google research re-naming a business, a person quickly discovers two things that can happen for a business rename...

Success or failure.

Ooof. Harsh contrast, right?

To be honest, I've shaken in my boots more than once at the thought of executing our farm's name change. Even now, in my head, the word ‘failure’ is swiftly and adeptly preparing to knock me down. “You can’t do that! You’ve never done it before! You don’t know what you’re doing!” The swirling words of self doubt and cynicism jump around in my head like a boxer warming up in the ring.

A year ago, I would’ve run to hide under a blanket when this fear mongering boxer showed up in my head space. Now, I can put my gloves on with no thought of tapping out.

Fear? I see you. I got this. I have my faith, courage and grit to see me through.

Farming. It’s personal. As farming should be. As farming used to be.

I believe in the last 10 years of helping run the farm that the most special & important part of our business is the relationships that have been cultivated. Not only with our customers but also the relationships we have cultivated by working with our family. So, on that note, I’m excited to share that our new name will bestow a personal impression of ourselves to our community.

Ben and I both hope that you’re excited to learn more about our farm and even more excited to learn of our new name. The anticipation of starting the market season with a new name is SO exciting! Not fearful. *Molly throws a quick uppercut.*

Thank you for reading a little part of my story today. I’ll blog again soon!

Your farmer friend,


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