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Plant Sales 2025

We start our garden seedlings on the farm - from seed to seedling to YOUR home garden - we love keeping true to "locally grown".

With over 50 varieties of gardens seedlings to choose from, we offer classic garden favorites alongside unique culinary specimens that are sure to tempt the seasoned gardener.

Find our homegrown plants:

At our SPRING PLANT SALE! Saturday April 26, 2025 at the farm. Time is to be determined, stay tuned to our email newsletter for the announcement.

Every Saturday at the Urbana farmers market, 7am-Noon during the month of May and into June. Shop early for best selection!

*please remember the farm is not open for regular business hours. You can find us sharing open hours via our email newsletter & social channels. Thanks for understanding!

Come visit the farm!


Over 50 varieties of garden seedlings


Villa Grove, Illinois

PLANT SALES: What's Happening
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