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P A R T 2 'our story'

...continued from P A R T 1 'our story'

Ben and I tied the knot, went on a week-long honeymoon, and then jumped into farm work.

The beginning of our farm plan was for us both to work for Jeff Meyer. Before completely committing to the business, I wanted to be sure I could learn the work and I wanted to see the real business side of things.

So, Ben and I both worked as farmhands for Jeff Meyer (Meyer Produce) the first 2 years of married life. My work load was not what I expected it to be. It was more. And it was hard. But I saw the opportunity for growth and that kept me going. At this part of the story I usually tell people I jumped in with both feet and boyyyyy was the water cold... Whereas Ben was well seasoned, I was not. I knew how to work.. but my previous 10 summers were spent in air con or poolside. Which is far, farr from a high tunnel or weedy pepper patch.

Determination kicked in, I pulled out the grit that I knew I was going to need and made a run at it. Year 3 we bought the farm and business from Jeff. This is our 10th summer season working the farm and farmers markets.

We could not do it without each other. Ben will tell you. I will tell you. It's been done together. It's like we've each been given gifts to operate things together. It's way cool. It's also taken time to figure out where we each excel. Bumps and bruises have happened along the way.

There's more of the story to come.

Thanks for being here!

Your farmer friend,


Picture credit : Erica Peters Photography

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Susan Zukosky
Susan Zukosky
04 de nov. de 2022

Your family and business reflect the best of the Midwest! Best to you!

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